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Meet Nancy Lind

A resident of San Juan Island, Nancy designs and crafts original jewelry from stone, glass, fiber, pearls and other natural materials in her LINDesign Studio on San Juan Island.

Collecting wonderful beads from around the world, discovering the distinctive jewels of handmade lampworked beads by local artists (wherever the locale), playing with pattern and color even when joining a single strand of beads, sometimes using off-loom weaving techniques or wirework – all are part of the creative play of producing unique necklaces and earrings. Beading and jewelry design offer Nancy a medium for artistic expression and meditative enjoyment. Nancy formed LINDesign in 2003 and has been selling jewelry in the San Juan Islands ever since.

In a former life she lived in Hawaii, did research and taught physiology at the University of Hawaii Medical School. Today in addition to jewelry, she does fine art photography, modifying her original digital photographs with software to produce images evocative of pastels, watercolors, batik and other treatments. Her most recent series are a homage to Gustav Klimt.

Some examples of Nancy's work:

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