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Patti Barker
"Growing up observing my father's wood-working skills and learning to sew from my seamstress mother, I came by my crafting abilities naturally. They instilled a love of texture and the value of something being hand-made and functional. I'm grateful to have the ability to follow my passion as a full-time American fiber artist. Exploring the abilities of various fibers and learning..." Click here for more
Susan Rosenberg
"My knitting addiction began first with the yarns themselves, the more brightly colored the better, and grew from there. I did not come from a family of knitters, nor were any of my friends or co-workers knitters, so in the absence of any knitting role models, I at first indulged my yen for yarn (and yarn stash-building) mostly with needlework projects." Click here for more
Nancy Lind
A resident of San Juan Island, Nancy designs and crafts original jewelry from stone, glass, fiber, pearls and other natural materials in her LINDesign Studio on San Juan Island. In addition to jewelry, she does fine art photography, modifying her original digital photographs with software to produce images evocative of pastels, watercolors, batik and other treatments. Click here for more
Margaret Thorson
"I learned to weave at the University of Washington 40 some years ago.  I took a degree in General Art and it was the looms that fascinated me the most. After moving to Waldron island in the 70's and needing to figure out to make an income from such an isolated place I started weaving seriously to sell.  My fiber arts products are an addition to the main income from our farm of organic vegetables and I sell both at the Farmers Market in Friday Harbor"  Click here for more

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